Queensland's budget is booming.

Queenslanders' budgets are busted.

Last year the Queensland Government delivered a 14-billion-dollar surplus, the highest of any state or territory, ever.

This should be enough for all of us, but as our state gets richer, more and more of us can't afford to be Queenslanders.

Our leaders must do better.

Queenslanders are slipping deeper into debt.

People who have never struggled with the cost-of-living are struggling to afford healthy food, rent, and bills.

Right now, 2.6 million Queenslanders are concerned about the cost-of-living. That’s not just a statistic - it’s a deeply troubling reality.

This is a cost-of-living emergency.

89% of Queenslanders are eating less or skipping meals—sometimes for days in a row. It’s not surprising: a basic basket of groceries that cost $112 in 2022 now costs $180.

With every rent increase, price jump at the bowser, or extreme weather event, more working Queenslanders who have never needed help before are turning to the social service sector in desperation.

It's time for meaningful cost-of-living relief.

We can afford to house everyone, we can afford to adequately fund the sector that cares for us, and we can afford to properly support families and children who’ve endured life’s hardest knocks. Most of all, we can afford to provide real, meaningful cost-of-living relief to households.

Queensland can afford to make a real difference.

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